Florencia Marco, S.L. is a family business, founded in 1987 by José Juan Sanchís Busquier. It is now in the hands of the third generation of this family to work in the shoe industry.

He learned to live and breathe the footwear sector at home with his family. It was 1987 when he created REBECA SANVER to commemorate the birth of his daughter.

Nowadays he is the full-time manager of the company and leads a design team which creates fashion collections for feminine, sophisticated women.

Rebeca Sanver uses high quality materials and pays attention to every detail of the design. We create comfortable, elegant shoes that are always up-to-the-minute

All our efforts and resources are invested in offering the women's footwear market elegant, feminine and comfortable products that are always on trend. We have the right shoe for every situation in life.

We guide our employees and company towards a global organisational culture, in which our actions and products interact and appeal to people all over the world.